It’s always a good idea to take advantage of an impressive bonus offer from an online casino site. But just because you see a great offering, don’t let it blind you by just playing directly on the site. First and foremost, safety is still the top priority.

However, just because an online casino offers generous bonuses does not imply that they are dishonest. There are numerous online casinos that offer genuine bonuses and are also secure to play at.

One of them is 9Club Casino. This casino is a great offering as well as a trusted place to play. If you are unsure, read this 9Club Casino review to ensure you make the right decision.

9Club Casino Review: The Introduction

9Club is a trusted online casino site that was founded in 2018. So, what makes this casino trustworthy? The gaming license. This online casino was actually licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and Curacao. This casino, which is supported by this license, offers a large selection of games to play.

And all of the games are developed by top-notch providers like Novomatic, NetEnt, BGaming, Playtech, and many more. Even more, it serve international player, so it offers 7 different languages to use, including Malay, English, Chinese, Spanish, German, and others.

9Club Casino

9 Club Casino Review: Game and Service

9 Club Casino gives a player the freedom to enjoy betting properly by providing the best game and service. What exactly are they? We give you enough information about the game and service in the sections below:

Bonus and Promotion

Every time the bonus is mentioned, people get excited. The same goes for the bonuses available at 9 Club. Like in the title, you can gain a 100% welcome bonus. But the offering does not stop right there; there are a lot more to claim. Some of the bonuses may really attract you, including the 100% slot deposit bonus, 100% sportsbook deposit bonus, lucky wheel spins, daily deposit bonus, and many more.

  • Game Available

Another way to get a profit from an online casino is to play the game. When we talk about the game, 9Club is a casino as well as a sports betting platform. It has over 400 sports channels with attractive odds for the company itself. While in the casino sections, you may come across slot machines, a live casino, or lucky wheels.  Actually, for casino games, it is quite limited. You can’t find a dice game or even a lottery to play.

  • Payment Methods

Some people may be a little bit disappointed with the payment method that this casino offers. This casino only accepts local bank transfers for payments, including deposits and withdrawals; crypto and e-wallet payment methods are not accepted. But if you think that this will not become a problem, a Malaysian player can make payment using Maybank, CIMB, Hong Leong, Public Bank, and RHB.

9Club Casino Review: Pros and Cons

It’s incredible to get a bonus at the safest online casino. Just like what happened in 9Club Casino. However, aside from the great product and service, this casino is limited in several aspects, including the payment methods and the game type options. If you believe it will irritate you while gambling, you should find another site to play at.

Final Thought

If you’d like to get a big bonus from an online casino, you can just directly visit 9Club. However, if you want to get a big bonus as well as a wide variety of games, a safety guarantee, and many ways to make payments, you should visit X33 online casino. There are so many services and game products that you can enjoy. Make it easier to have an amazing gambling experience as well as earn more money.


Does X33 offer a Big bonus?

Yes, it does. The big bonus also comes in different forms, like a welcome bonus, a birthday bonus, cashback, a bonus for sports betting, and so on. Furthermore, if you want to get more bonus money, X33 has a VIP program where you can earn more money.

How many payment methods does X33 offer?

It offers many ways to make deposits and withdrawals. You can use cryptocurrency, bank transfer, e-wallet payment, FPX, or QR code payment. The good news is that X33 will never charge you additional fees.

What kinds of games are available at the X33 online casino site?

There are numerous games available. Sports betting, slots, lottery, arcade games, live casino, virtual games, and P2P games such as mahjongg are all available.

Since its inception in 2016, EclBet has become one of the top online casinos in Malaysia. People love how safe the site is and the other qualities that it offers. One of them is the bonus. Every player doesn’t want to waste the chance of getting a bonus up to RM999 from this site.

Even if you are a new player who has never played before, EclBet is the place to be if you want to bet and get a big bonus. If you’re interested in this casino offer, you can check out the information below.

EclBet Malaysia: The Introduction

EclBet drew a lot of attention when it first became available to the public in 2016. This online casino is owned by EclBet B.V. and is also regulated by Curacao Gaming. which means the site is legal and safe to play. The impressive part about this casino is not just the bonuses but also the games available. There are approximately 3000 titles produced by 30 top providers in total.

The collection’s size is also directly related to its quality. The quality refers to the game’s fairness and how it looks. For the sake of fairness in the game, every player didn’t need to be worried that they might be cheated on. Because the games are regularly tested by independent laboratories called iTech Labs to make sure the outcomes are random and fair.

EclBet Malaysia

EclBet Malaysia: Game, Bonus, and Service

Attractive bonuses will be even more amazing when combined with excellent service and game quality. So, in this section, we’ll look at EclBet’s games, service, and bonuses. Let’s see if EclBet lives up to your expectations.


As a new player, an attractive bonus that you can claim at EclBet is the welcome bonus offer. The bonus has a payout of 120 percent. But aside from this welcome bonus, you can also get a 20% bonus on your initial deposit. If you join Eclbet as a VIP member at different levels, you will receive additional bonuses. The general rule is that the more money you spend on this site, the higher your membership status. Overall, there are 5 VIP levels, which are normal, bronze, silver, platinum, and gold.

Game Available

The games on Eclbet will be divided into sports betting and casino games. For sports betting, you can bet on many sports events, like soccer, cricket, basketball, and so on. There are more than a thousand sports events you can bet on. Even more, if you like to play esports and want to bet on them, ECBET also offers the option for players to bet on esports events like Dota 2, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, and many more. Aside from sports betting, there are casino games such as live casino, slots, and 4D lottery.

Payment Methods

So then, how do I deposit or withdraw the money? Actually, ECLBET offers several ways. First, you can use an ATM or bank transfer, a Visa or MasterCard, or a popular online payment like PayPal or Neteller.

Customer Support Service

Want to get in touch with the team? Eclbet provides the player with customer support services. This service can be used to ask for help, find a solution, or ask a question about the gambling on the site. You can address your problem via live chat, email, or phone. Some messages will be responded to within 6 to 8 hours.


There are so many ways to get profit from online casinos. by participating in the game and winning, or by collecting the bonus. Just like in EclBet Malaysia, you can choose which way will work best for you. However, you should know that the best site to gain a bonus in Malaysia is not only EclBet; there is another option that you can try.

The site is called X33, and on this site you will get access to a massive bonus selection. Select between a welcome bonus, a birthday bonus, and a special bonus offer. Visit the site and see for yourself how good the bonus is.


What bonuses are available to claim as a new player in X33?

As a new player, you can claim a welcome bonus and a first deposit bonus.

Does X33 have customer support?

Yes, it does. You can contact X33 customer support by telegram, live chat, WhatsApp, or email.

How can I get more bonus offers in X33?

You can get more bonus offers if you join the X33 VIP program. You can receive not only a bonus but also a privilege and special service.

A bonus offering may be the greatest thing that you can find easily on an online casino site. Is the bonus really that great? Yes, at some point, because the bonus allows the player to bet more and increase their chances of winning the jackpot.

Some bonuses also grant players access to free play, such as at Bonus888 Casino, an online casino that provides numerous bonuses to players. if you want to get more information about the bonus and other casino offerings. Here is a Bonus888 online casino review that can be used to help you make better decisions while gambling.

Bonus888 Casino: Licenses and Safety

With the growth of online gambling platforms, Bonus888 online casino may be one of the most outstanding platforms in Malaysia. What makes this online casino outstanding is the combination of the security system, bonuses, payment method options, and the customer support service that is always available. Even the good reputation makes the casino look even better.

When discussing Bonus888 casino security, it is important to remember that this casino operates under PAGCOR licenses, or the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, which ensure that the game is fair and that the casino is a safe place to play. Moreover, this online casino also uses a security system to give the player double-layer protection.

Bonus888 Online Casino

Bonus888 Casino: Types of Games

Bonuses are not the only thing you need to know about this casino. You can enjoy many Bonus888 online casino game selections in addition to getting more bonuses. From the popular casino games up to sports betting, you will have all the options. In detail, we will explain it here:

Slot Games

Let’s start with everyone’s favorite: slot games. There are many slot machines available that you can try. It’s also not a difficult game to play. Basically, you just need to pay attention to the symbol to win more money. Every symbol also has different prizes.

But overall, this game does not require you to have excellent skill; it depends more on your luck. In Bonus888, several popular slot games that you can play are Golden Empire, Cai Shen, Samba, Ali Baba, and Mayan Empire.

Live Casino Games

If you enjoy online table games but want a more authentic experience, try a live casino game. On this game’s option, you can play live streaming table games and play again against another player plus a real dealer. The live casino games on this site include Dragon Tiger, Jackpot Bingo, etc.

Sports Betting

Sport, as one of the most popular bets, will never be forgotten at this casino. If you are a big sports betting fan, on this site you can bet on many sports events. However, soccer is the most popular sport to bet on on this site. The major soccer events you can bet on include the German Bundesliga, Italy’s Serie A, the UEFA Champions League, and so on.

Bonus888 Casino: Promotions and Bonuses

Maybe the main reason you bumped into this article is because of the title. You want to make more money from online casinos, and receiving a large bonus is one of the options. Aside from the bonuses listed in the title, Bonus888 has more bonuses to offer.

The bonus will be divided into several categories. including the welcome bonus, unlimited bonus, bonus for daily missions, and special bonus in every game. All of the bonuses come in different amounts of cash and percentages.


At the Bonus888 online casino, you can claim a massive bonus. It’s great as an offering. However, for the game selection, it just includes small types. You can bet on sports, card games, fishing, slots, and live casino games. So if you want to gain more amusement by getting the chance to try more and more types of games to play, you can try it on X33.

There are numerous types to choose from, ranging from the most basic casino games such as slots, table games, and card games to live casino games that encourage realistic gambling in the online version. Moreover, you can also bet on sports, try virtual games that include so many games, p2p, or even the lottery. Want to try fishing games? This site also has it. Last but not least, don’t be worried about the casino’s safety because it operates under legal licenses.


What kind of virtual games can you play at X33?

You can play a variety of virtual games, including horse racing, Fantastic Roulette, European Blackjack Multi-Hand, and many others.

What licenses does X33 have?

X33 has licenses from PAGCOR and Malta Gaming.

Does X33 offer bonus promotions?

Yes, X33 does. There is a massive bonus that you can claim. Including birthday bonuses, cashback, rebates, welcome bonuses, and so on. Check it out on the website; there is always up-to-date information on the available bonuses and promotions.

Bitcoin is currently the most famous digital currency right now. Many people like to engage in many transactions using this currency. That thing also happened in the gambling transaction. Nowadays, many people use a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin to gamble. The currency promotes anonymity, safety, and quick transactions when compared to other payment methods.

That is why many gamblers all over the world enjoy using it, particularly in the United States, where the influence of this gambling method is so strong. So, as a member of the world, where can you find the best bitcoin casino in the USA? Here we have several recommendations for an online site to go to if you want to use your bitcoins to gamble in the USA.

Benefits of a Bitcoin Casino

Crypto Casino with bitcoin actually works similar to the use of credit cards. The difference is that you make the payment using a crypto wallet address instead of your card number. But why do so many people enjoy playing with it? Simply because cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, has grown in popularity for a variety of compelling reasons and benefits.

The major benefit is that you can transfer your money more quickly than with other payment methods. It’s even become the fastest so far. However, the advantages do not end there; this method of payment provides additional advantages, such as:

  • Security

Many payment methods also claim to be safe ways to make payments in casinos. But bitcoin security is on another level. The blockchain technology that bitcoin uses ensures secure payments. The combination of the verification system makes it even more difficult for someone to hack it or steal the money than traditional methods did.

  • Anonymous Transaction

This level of anonymity may not be found in other payment methods. Bitcoin casinos, or bitcoin gambling, allow you to make private deposits and withdrawals. or simply in an anonymous transaction. which means there is no need to deal with a bank or even a paper trail.

  • No Additional Fees

Last, the benefit is that you will never be charged additional fees every time you make a transaction with bitcoin. So when you gamble at a bitcoin casino, you will never lose money just by making a payment.

Best Bitcoin Casino USA

Top 3 Bitcoin Casino USA

After knowing how amazing gambling with bitcoin is, now you need to know where the best site is to visit if you want to play casino games with bitcoin. We’ve compiled a list of the top three Bitcoin casinos in the United States just for you.

  • Ducky Luck – Best Live Casino

If you are a big fan of live dealer games and want to use your bitcoin to gamble on these games, Ducky Luck is the first site to go to. This site is the best bitcoin casino in the USA, providing players with more than 500 casino games, including live dealer games. There are large bonuses available, as well as numerous betting options. You can even gain more Bitcoin by claiming the bonus.

  • Lupin – Top Casino Bonus

If you are the type of gambler who prioritizes getting a high bonus from playing, Lupin Casino will be the best buddy for you. There are a lot of bonuses dedicated to the player so they can enjoy the variety of games, including slots, table games, and progressive jackpots.

This website provides the player with a demo version as well as free-play games. So even if you are gambling on a budget, you can still enjoy the game. Furthermore, if you are not a bitcoin user, you can use another cryptocurrency available on the site.

  • Wild Casino – Best Payment Methods

Last, if you are looking for a place where you can make payments using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin as well as other currencies, you can visit Wild Casino. The variety of payment methods is wide, including the use of cryptocurrency, banking methods, and other digital currency.

There is also a sufficient game selection to satisfy you. The collection has around 500 games, including table games, poker, slots, and scratch cards.

Final Though

Hopefully, our recommendation and the information provided above will assist you in selecting the best bitcoin casino in the United States. However, if you are from another region, especially Asia, you can try our best recommendation of a bitcoin casino called X33.

On this site, you can gamble using your cryptocurrency, including bitcoin or USDT. There are also other conventional payment methods and e-wallets to choose from. Furthermore, the vast game selection, massive bonuses, and promotions will enhance your experience.


What kind of cryptocurrency does X33 accept?

You can use Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency, USDT cryptocurrency, and BUSD cryptocurrency.

How long does it take to make a cryptocurrency payment in X33?

It depends on the cryptocurrency that you choose, but for a standard transaction, it takes up to 2 minutes.

What are other payment methods?

You can use bank transfer, e-wallet transfer, FPX, and QR code payment.

An instant way of life has become a necessity right now. Every aspect of human life wants to make everything more instant and easy, including the way of gambling. Nowadays, people love betting on the go, using their smartphones to bet anytime and anywhere they want.

However, not every online casino site provides these options. So if you want to bet from anywhere you want but find it difficult to find the right platform, let’s meet with Mega888 Casino, an online casino that offers gambling on the go. Do you want to learn more about what this website has to offer? Check out our review below.

About Mega888 Casino

Mega888 casino has served many Asian players, including those in Singapore and Malaysia, with its popular iGaming since its inception in 2015. The site even makes a great innovation by giving players a choice of mobile devices for gambling. It has developed an app that is compatible with both Android and iOS, making this online casino attractive for most players who love betting from anywhere.

It is also beneficial that the casino app is available in many Asian countries, including Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. Mega888 is also partnering with top-tier software providers such as Big Gaming, Microgaming, and Evolution Gaming to bring 150 popular casino games to the player.

Mega888 Casino

Mega888 Casino Games

Good compatibility means nothing if the game selection is limited. The main games available at Mega888 are table games, slot games, and blackjack games. However, slot machines are probably the most appealing games to try. We will go over each type of game in great detail.

Slot Games

Slot games: There are over 100 slot titles available on the site. Every part of the game has a theme, plus music and great uniques to look at. You might like this website if you want to try a new slot regularly at some point in time. It is because there is a regular upgrade. So you can experiment with a new slot and a new title.

Table and Live Casino Games

If you like to play classic table games like roulette, you can do so on Mega888. Other than roulette, you can also try table games like Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger, and bulls. Roulette, on the other hand, is the table game with the most variety. Some of the roulette games you can play are roulette 0, roulette 12, roulette 24, and roulette 73. If you get tired of playing this type of table game, you can try the live casino version, which is a streaming game version with a live dealer.

Arcade and Fishing Games

This website also offers arcade games. One of the popular arcade games that you can try is fishing. A game where you can hunt a sea creature or shoot a fish to gain a reward from it This casino provides fishing games in the most convenient manner. The fishing game itself, compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Mega888 Casino: Extra Feature

Online casinos are becoming popular because they provide different services than traditional casinos. Like in Mega 888, there are some additional features to help the player gain more profit. Some of them are the bonuses, customer service support, and many payment options that make gambling easier.

Casino Bonus

The thing that you can’t find at a land-based casino but can find at an online casino is the bonus. On this site, you can get a reward and some promotion as long as you become a loyal player. There are always great promotions available on this website. Even more so, if you are a new player, you can claim a welcome bonus. So you can get enough money to play more and more on this site.

Casino Customer Support

Have a problem while gambling on the site? Don’t worry, you can get a solution by contacting the customer support service. Customer service is available 24 hours nonstop, ready to help you. Moreover, you can use many ways to contact them. You can use phone, live chat, and email to reach Mega888 customer support.

Deposit and Withdraw

To deposit or cash out your winnings, you can do so through several methods. Bank transfers are the more traditional method, and if you are a Malaysian player, you can use the methods at Maybank, RHB Bank, CIMB, and Hong Leong. If you want another payment method, you can use EeziePay or Help2Pay.

Mega888 Casino: Pros and Cons

Everything in this world, including Mega 888, is not perfect. You may find this casino to be very appealing at times. But it doesn’t mean that this casino is flawless. This casino may be the perfect match for people who love betting on the go; it may also be the perfect match for slot game players.

Furthermore, the company provides customer service to the player. However, when it comes to the flaw, there is a weakness in the payment methods, which are too limited; there is no cryptocurrency acceptance. Furthermore, we cannot find enough information about legal licensing. it.

Final Thought

Mega888 casino supports everyone who loves mobile betting with excellent service in some parts. But the limited payment and the absence of information about licensing can be an annoyance for some players. But don’t worry, we have another recommendation: a site that offers mobile betting but also a wide variety of payment methods, plus it also operates under license. The site you need to visit is X33. On this site, you can gamble using many currencies, including crypto. You can try your hand at a variety of casino games and sports betting in the safest way possible.


What are the casino games available at X33?

Live casinos, slot machines, numerous table games, virtual games, (P2P), and even a lottery are available.

X33 has what kind of license?

X33 has a license from PAGCOR, MGA, and is registered in the British Virgin Islands.

In some ways, online casinos are superior to land-based casinos. For example, it has a lot more games to offer and usually offers massive bonuses. The bonus that you will almost never find at a land-based casino. Some of the bonuses usually come in the form of cash money or even free spins to play free games.

If you want to get these bonuses and more, you can visit JudiKing88 Casino. Aside from the bonus, there are numerous other advantages that this casino offers. Here is more information about this casino. It may help you select the best casino site to gain more bonus money.

JudiKing88 Casino: Safety and Fairness

JudiKing88 is an online casino site that is very popular among Asian gamblers. The majority of players at this casino, especially from Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and many more, The reason why many Asian players trust this casino is because it operates under legal licenses from the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, or PAGCOR.

But that’s not just about it; many gamblers trust that this site is not only safe but also operated in a fair manner. The site itself proves that they are operating games in the most fair manner by getting certified by an independent testing lab, including BMM, iTechlabs, and Lovation. So, aside from the bonus and a good reputation, the fairness and safety of this casino become its main selling points.


JudiKing88 Games Selections

JudiKing88 is an online casino, and the majority of the games it offers are casino games. But aside from those games, this site also offers a sports betting option to the player. So for the game variety, this site is also excellent. You can play a variety of games, including the list in below:

Sports Betting

Every sports betting enthusiast is welcome on this site. JudiKing88 provides players with the ability to watch a sporting event while betting on it. There are numerous bets and odds for soccer and football. But aside from these sports, there are also others to bet on, including badminton, rugby, tennis, basketball, and so on.

Slot Games

If you want to play a game that doesn’t require much effort, check out the slot games section. In this section, you will find many slot titles that have impressive graphics and many features like multipliers. You can find many provider products, but some of the most popular slot games available are Mayan Empire, Gold Push, and Twin Wins.

Fishing Games

Want to try another option? a game with a totally different atmosphere? You can play fishing games. Play the games where you can hunt and shoot a fish creature to gain more rewards. The fishing games that you can try include Happy Fishing, Mega Fishing, Dragon Fortune, and so on.

Live Casino

Miss the real atmosphere of gambling in a land-based casino? The live casino games option can be a great choice. You can play live casino games on this website, where you can enjoy real-time gaming with the assistance of a live dealer. Some of the games that you can play include Dragon Tiger, Sic Bo, and Poker King.

JudiKing88: Bonus and Feature

In the title, it says that judiking offers amazing bonuses, and you may be attracted to this casino because of the lucrative bonuses. But aside from the bonus, this casino also offers an additional feature that can be used to add some fun to your gambling experience. The explanation for the feature details will be available below.

Bonuses And Promotions

The JudiKing bonus can be used to increase a player’s winnings without having to pay any additional money. Aside from the bonuses mentioned in the title, you can also get special bonuses for sportsbooks, a welcome bonus, free spins for slot games, and a special bonus at JudiKing88.

Payment Methods

Payment method options that are available at Judiking are modern enough. It accepts cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ether, and ethereum. And if you are not a crypto user, you can use e-wallet payments. Some of the e-wallets that you can use on this site are Touch’n Go and Grab Pay.

Customer Support

As a responsible online gambling platform, judiking provides the player with a customer support service that is always available 24 hours a day, every day. So every player who faces a problem while gambling can contact the team and report their issues to get solutions. You can enjoy this service by using the live chat feature.

JudiKing88 Casino: Pros and Cons

We compiled all of the information we could about JudiKing88 to find the key points of its pros and cons. And we discovered that the casino’s strengths (pros) come from the availability of live dealer games, the use of cryptocurrency, and the availability of 24/7 customer support.

On the other hand, the weakness comes from the lack of a VIP program, the limited payment options (only two), and the limited way to contact customer support.


The limited payment options have become a deterrent to gambling in the most convenient way possible. That is why, if this becomes a problem for you, you can try to play at the X33 online casino. a licensed online casino and sports betting site that always prioritizes player safety and convenience. You can get five payment options, including e-wallet and cryptocurrency, as well as a large selection of games and a massive bonus. Go try it.


Can I play at X33 with a mobile device?

Yes, you can play using your smartphone. Both an iOS and an Android phone will work on it perfectly.

Is X33 operated under an iGaming license?

Yes, it is. X33 operated under the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation and the Malta Gaming License.

Are there any live dealer casino games?

Yes, you can play baccarat, blackjack, sic bo, dragon tiger, and other live dealer casino games.

Some of us sometimes underestimate newcomers in almost every aspect, including  online gambling. The perceptions of newcomers are sometimes negative because they are new and do not have enough experience. However, this kind of assumption is sometimes incorrect. especially when it comes to KW88, a relative newcomer to the online gambling industry.

Even though this casino is still in its early ages,  but it proves to the public how good they are. Furthermore, it can be considered the best casino for 2023. What is the reason behind this claim? Let’s find out how expert KW88 is by reading the review we have specially prepared for you below.

The Introduction of KW88 Casino

KW88 is a newcomer, a new brand in the online gambling market, and it was opened back in 2021. This casino’s age is still young, but don’t underestimate how far it will grow. It is an online sports betting and casino platform that operates under a legal license from the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR).

With a license, this casino becomes more powerful, especially when they become agents for reputable gambling providers such as Spade Gaming and CMD368. Bringing the most up-to-date and high-quality casino games to the player. What’s more to expect? A lot.

For example, in the case of game fairness, you can’t doubt this casino. It even passed the BMM test labs and iTech Labs. Passing the test and getting certified means that the games’ outcomes are completely random and fair.

KW88 Casino

KW88 Casino Review: Game Selections

It’s not just the security that makes this casino the best. More than that, this casino also offers many types of casino games plus a sports betting option. You can find slot machines, live casino games, sports betting, or even additional games like lottery and fishing games on it. If you want to know the details, we’ve compiled the information for you:

Online Slot

Want to bet but don’t have a lot of skill? Try the KW88 online slot. Without using a special skill, you can try a long list of slot games from top providers like Microgaming, Playtech, NextSpin, Asia Gaming, and SpadeGaming. If you are confused about which one you need to try, you can try the popular slot titles like Maya Quest, Zeus, Golden Dynasty, and Lucky Riches.

Live Casino

You must try a live casino game if you want to experience casino gambling in the same way that you do at a land-based casino. The games include a real-life dealer, which can enhance the atmosphere. And don’t worry about the quality; the live casino on this site comes from leading providers like Evolution Gaming, Dream Gaming, AllBet, and Pragmatic Play.

Sports and Esports Betting

Partnering with popular brands like CMD368, Saba Sports, SBOBET, M8BET, and BetRadar, you will engage in the most entertaining sports betting. But not only sports betting is available; for those who like esports betting, you can also bet on your favorite esports event. Because KW88 is affiliated with IM Esports, esports betting on this site is also premium. There is also a live TV channel where you can track the esports.

KW88 Casino: Special Service

Great game selection does not come alone; you still have another part of the website to try. including the special features and services that KW88 provides to the player. Want to see more about the things that you could get? Here is the long explanation:

Bonus and VIP Program

Anyone who gambles on this site can get an additional reward in the form of a bonus. There is a welcome bonus for new players or another bonus designated for loyal players who keep coming back to the site. A daily reload bonus for slots, live casino, and sports, a weekly reload bonus, a daily bonus, and a birthday bonus are all options for loyal players. Do you want to add more bonuses? You can register as a VIP member then.

Payment Methods

Unfortunately, the payment methods on this site are quite limited. There are only three ways to make a payment or withdraw the money. These are bank transfers, EeziePay, and Help2Pay. But the good thing is that the payment was relatively quick.

Customer Support Feature

Feel free to contact customer support every time you face difficulty on the site. The team will always be ready to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact them via the live chat feature, phone, WhatsApp, telegram, or even email.

KW88 Casino pros and cons

The good thing about KW88 is the game selection; there are many different types as well as a large number of games. It even promotes the first-class live offer from Evolution Gaming. Moreover, the customer service is reliable, and the payment methods are quite secure. However, the limitation of payment methods is a weakness. That limited payment methods may be a problem for some people.

Final Though

After reading the review, if you think that KW88 casino meets your expectations, go for it. However, if you really feel like this casino weakness is not tolerable, you can go directly to X33 online casino. Licensed online gambling platforms accept a wide range of currencies and payment methods. Use a cryptocurrency?You will be able to wager with that currency on X33.

Do you enjoy gambling on a variety of games of chance? X33 has many games to offer, including slots, live casino, sports betting, or even lottery. Don’t worry; you will never be confused or have major issues because there is always a customer support team ready to assist you.


How do I contact X33 customer support?

You can contact them via WhatsApp, telegram, email, or live chat.

Where do X33 licenses come from?

X33 licensing comes from PAGCOR and Malta Gaming Autonomy.

Can I play free games at X33?

Yes, you can; some X33 games include demo modes that allow you to play without spending real money.

Finding an Asian online gambling site is not a difficult task. You can choose from a variety of categories, including newcomers, casinos with a long track record, and even choose a brand randomly. But the last option may not really be recommended due to the fact that you may put your money and data security at risk.

So if you want to relax while gambling, you should visit a trusted online casino site. One of our recommendations is W88 Casino. Why should you try, or at the very least read about this casino? Let’s find out the reason in this W88 casino review.

About W88 Casino

If you are looking for an online casino with a long track record, W88 may be one of them. This online casino first opened in 2013, and since that day, it has gained popularity among Asian bookmakers. Even though Its popularity outside of Asia is not as strong, but this casino has guaranteed that it prioritizes player safety. The first sign of this casino’s safety is the license.

This casino operated under licenses from two gaming authorities, those from the Philippines and the United Kingdom. The casino itself provides two types of games to the player: casino games and sports betting. However, the most appealing games on this site are in the sports betting section. It can be seen in their sponsorship of English football team Leicester City in 2016, as well as when Aston Villa wears their logo on their jersey in the 2019-2020 season.

W88 Casino Review

W88 Casino Game Selections

Having a lot of options is always much better. That is why choosing an online casino site cannot be based solely on safety. Variety in games is important. the same as in W88. In this casino, you can play several types of games. What are they? Here is the list.

Sports Betting

Let’s start with W88 Prima Donna, which is sports betting. You can find different sports to bet on by clicking the “sports” menu on the homepage. The customer can enjoy many types of betting, even live betting. The player can also wager on full-time results and an Asian handicap.

Plus, if you want to end the bets during the games, you can use the cash out feature. Aside from betting on real sports, as a W88 player, it is also possible to bet on virtual sports. There are numerous types of virtual sports. including the World Cup, European Football, Dog and Horse Tennis, and so on. If you only have a few minutes to play, this virtual sport will be the best option.

Slot and Table Games

Playing at online gambling platforms, we can’t deny the presence of slot machines and table games. At W88 casino, the slots are developed by professional providers like Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, Play ‘n Go, and iSoftBet. Break Away Ultra, Fore Forge, and The Book of King Arthur are three of the most popular slot titles you should try. Aside from slots, you can also enjoy games such as baccarat and poker in various variations.

Live Dealer Games

In this casino, you can play four different types of live dealer games. Some of the games available are Live Dragon Tiger, Live Sic Bo, Fabulous 4 Baccarat, and Super 88 Baccarat.

W88 Casino: Bonuses and Service

We’ve finished talking about games and safety, and we’ve moved on to other topics like bonuses and service. As a player, you also need to know how you can deposit or withdraw your winnings. So here is the additional service available.

Customer Support

Worried that you might be confused on your first gambling journey? W88 has a customer support team ready to assist you. You can contact the team via live chat if you want to get an instant response, or you can contact them in another way by using LINE, Telegram, Skype, or by phone.

Payment Methods

On this site, you have a variety of options for making a deposit or withdrawal. You can use local bank transfers or other options like Netteller, Visa, MasterCard, and Help2Pay. If you are a Malaysian player, you can use bank transfers via major Malaysian banks like Public Bank, Maybank, RHB Bank, and CIMB.


New players can claim a welcome bonus on this site. The welcome bonus is worth up to MYR 600 and is credited at a rate of 100%. Aside from the welcome bonus, every one of the games available can give you a bonus. For example, there are slot cash rebates and eSports daily reload bonuses.

W88 Casino: Pros and Cons

The good side of this casino is that customer support is always available 24/7. Another good thing is that you can get massive options when it comes to the games, including live dealer games. Furthermore, the game works extremely well on mobile devices, whether Android or iOS.

The disadvantage is that withdrawals will require you to pay additional fees, and the company is also more focused on sports betting than casino games. Finally, customer service is not always available and friendly. It also does not accept cryptocurrency.


The flaws of W88 Casino may interfere with some players’ enjoyment of gambling. So if you want another option, we will bring you to the best option possible: X33 online casino. X33 offers a wide variety of casino games and sports betting.

It also accepts a wide range of currencies and payment methods, including cryptocurrency. There are no additional fees when players deposit or withdraw, and it rewards them with bonuses while also assisting them with the presence of a customer support team.


Is X33 charging the player additional fees?

No, there aren’t; there are no additional fees when you make a deposit or withdrawal.

Is sports betting available at X33?

Yes, it is. You can bet on many sports types, including soccer, basketball, tennis, etc.

Can I contact X33 customer service at any time?

Yes, you can; the customer support team is always available 24/7.

When a cryptocurrency becomes popular, many people become deeply involved in the crypto world. As a result, over the last two years, the use of cryptocurrency has spread to a variety of industries, including online gambling. Everyone can now use their digital currencies, such as bitcoin or Ethereum, to make withdrawals and deposits on online gambling platforms.

However, the popularity usually doesn’t come alone; some of the scam online casino platforms can join the hype by offering just an empty promise. So if you want to bet using crypto, make sure you find a trusted site like Roobet Casino. To find out more about the interesting aspects of this casino, we bring you the most unbiased Roobet Crypto casino review. Hopefully, it will help.

The Introduction of Roobet Casino

Back in the 2018, Roobet crypto casino was founded. This is a crypto gambling platform that targeted European players but also operated for those from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Because the majority of the players are in Europe, the main language on the website is English.

But you can switch it into Portuguese or Spanish. Roobet casino is owned by TekHou5 and operates under a Curacao license. As a crypto user, you can bet using bitcoin and Ethereum on this site. By using these digital currencies you can enjoy and play more than 600 casino games available.

Roobet Crypto Casino Review

Roobet Casino: Game and Feature

Roobet crypto casino offers more than just a place that’s really friendly for crypto users. It has a huge game selection, a great customer service team, and another additional feature that offers many benefits. Let’s see in detail what this casino offers to the player.

Security and Fairness

Let’s start with the two most important things: the security system and game fairness. Even though the site operated under license, this is still important to look for. For its security system, the casino utilizes 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to make sure that all the customer data is secure. Then, for the sake of fairness, all of the game’s outcomes are generated by a random number generator, ensuring that the outcomes are fairly balanced and provide an unbiased result.

Customer Support

Roobet Casino always assists anyone who requires assistance on the site, by providing a customer support team to serve the customer. The best way to reach the team is via email or live chat. But if you want to get a response instantly, you can just contact them via live chat.


Sure, Roobet is a great place to gamble for crypto users, but other gamblers who are looking for another method of payment will be disappointed. Roobet only gives a player two options for making a deposit and withdrawing. Bitcoin or Ethereum are the two options. However, there are some good things in this section. The withdrawal procedure was relatively quick, it just took under 60 minutes.


When it comes to bonuses, Roobet is also not really good at offering them. There is not enough information about the consistent bonus offering. However, at this time, the bonus that you may come across is a no-deposit bonus. And the bonus comes from the bitcoin bonus, around 0.001 BTC. If you are a gambler who prefers to receive a variety of bonus offers, this site may not be for you.

Games Available

You can choose from virtual games, live casino games, slot machines, and dice games. The majority of the games are from NetEnt and Evolution Gaming. Among the many game options, Live Casino probably has the most variety. You can find live dealer games like baccarat, craps, poker, roulette, black jack, and so on. However, slot machines have the highest total.

Roobet Casino: Pros and Cons

The cryptocurrencies accepted may be the most appealing thing about this casino. But it’s also become a Roobet weakness. As we know, the only way to make payments is by using Ethereum and bitcoin. As a result, non-crypto users may not really like this casino site. Plus, the game selection, like that of table games, is also quite limited.

Despite the fact that there is no single contingent bonus for the player, this casino has several advantages that every player should be aware of. If we summarize all of the information about this casino, the pros or strengths are the unique theme and games, with a collection of over 600 games. It is also a cryptocurrency gambling site with a license, mobile-friendly, and is simple to use.

Final Thought

Roobet Crypto Casino, as the name suggests, will be a fantastic destination for all cryptocurrency users. Roobet, on the other hand, is not for non-crypto users or anyone who wants to combine the use of crypto and other currencies. We can say that Roobee is great, but it’s just not everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you want to engage in crypto gambling on a platform that is also friendly to non-crypto users, you can visit the X33 online casino.

This website will allow you to play with crypto or other currencies and will provide you with a variety of payment options. Furthermore, there are consistent bonuses, a customer support team that is always ready to assist, and a wide range of games. Last but not least, you will never have to worry about security because X33 operates under licenses and employs cutting-edge encryption technology.


Does X33 accept cryptocurrency?

Yes, it does. But besides crypto, you can use fiat currency and make payments with other methods available, including bank transfer, QR code payment, e-wallet payment, and so on.

What games are available for the X33?

There are live casinos, slot machines, sports betting, lottery games, virtual games, and so on.

Is there any bonus at X33 for new players?

Yes, it is; as a new player, you have a chance to get a welcome package.

Online casinos are the best way possible to enjoy gambling from anywhere and anytime you want. That’s a good thing, because many online casino sites are extremely easy to find. Simply Google it with the keyword “online casino,” and then the names of many online casino sites will appear on your screen.

But how do you pick the best among all of them? by looking for a site with a good reputation or a long track record. If you don’t have any clue, we will introduce you to God55 Casino, a reputable online casino site with a long track record in the online gambling industry. Want to become more familiar with this casino? Check out our review right now.

About God55 Casino

God55 is probably one of the most popular Asian online gambling sites, with most of the players coming from Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. This site was established in 2009, which explains why it has a long track record. Even more, God55 works with the best game developers like Playtech, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, and NetEnt to bring the most valuable casino games ever.

And for the casino’s safety, you don’t have to doubt it, because this casino operates under two gaming authorities’ licenses, which are from Curacao eGaming and the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, or PAGCOR. Safety and games may be the main draws, but another appealing feature is that this casino accepts cryptocurrency as a transaction tool and is mobile-friendly.

God55 Casino

God55 Casino: Game and Service

After we’ve covered the fundamentals, such as safety, let’s move on to the casino’s games and service. Don’t you want to know what you could gain from this casino? Let’s find the answer.

Game and Developer

Game quality somehow relates a lot to the companies that produce it. So checking the developer names first can be a good choice. Like at God55, you will find many popular developers like Microgaming, Playtech, Evolution Gaming, SA Gaming, Dream Gaming, and so on. By looking at the name, we knew that the game would be of high quality, have a fascinating plot, and also have better compatibility.

Then, what kinds of games are there? A lot. Many table games, such as baccarat, roulette, and poker, are available in a live streaming version with a real-life dealer. Aside from that, there are also slot machines and sports betting. If you enjoy betting on sports, you can do so on cricket, volleyball, basketball, eSports, and many other events.

Bonus and Promotion

The endless entertainment will come with large bonuses at God’s 55 Casino. The first bonus you can claim as a new player is probably a 100% welcome bonus. Then you can get another bonus, including a birthday bonus, daily cash rebates, an unlimited reload bonus of 10%, a recovery bonus, and a bonus designed specifically for sports betting players.

Payment Methods

Players who want to seek an online casino with modern payment methods may love God 55. There are numerous payment methods that you can choose from, including the use of cryptocurrency, PayPal, Eezie Pay, and Help2Pay. Usually, the deposit process takes around 2 minutes, while the withdrawal process may take 10 minutes.

Customer Support

You can engage with the customer support team to seek a solution if you encounter a problem on the site. You can contact the team at any time because they are available 24 hours a day. To contact the team, you can use the live chat feature available.

God55 Casino Review: Pros and Cons

It will be easier to decide whether the casino is good or not based on key points of strength and weakness. In the case of God’s 55 Casino, there are several features that make this casino attractive. The advantages are that there is a large game selection that is also mobile compatible, there are numerous bonuses available, and they accept cryptocurrency.

However, further review reveals that the payment methods are quite limited, with only EeziPay, Help2Pay, and crypto accepted. There are also a limited number of table games available on the site. Finally, the only way to contact customer service is through the live chat feature.


God55 Casino can be the best match for some players—or many of them. But of course, there are also players who don’t find this casino attractive for some reason. If you are the one who thinks in those ways, you may love our other recommendation.

X33 online casino will be the best pair for gamblers who love to play many games, get a bonus from it, and get many payment options. Or, on the other hand, get the simplest way to access gambling but get the highest profit from it. Go try X33 and find that there are so many things you can enjoy from betting on this site. Good luck


Does X33 online casino operate under licenses?

Yes, it does. X33 operated under licenses from numerous gaming authorities, such as PAGCOR, Malta Gaming, and the British Virgin Islands.

Is there any live casino gaming at X33?

Yes, it is. There are many types of live casino games at X33, including live baccarat, blackjack, roulette, Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger, and Fan Tan.

Is there a slot machine at X33?

Of course, at X33, you will find a massive slot game collection from 14 of the world’s leading providers. You can find slots from Pragmatic Play, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, and many more.